Welcome, I am Mary. I am a writer, speaker, and Biblical Counselor who helps women see the significance of faith and how it intersects with womanhood so that they can live in the beauty of Christ.


Is this you?

You long to live an abundant life in Christ, but you struggle daily with overwhelm and guilt because of your choices and current situation.

You long for contentment in the life you have, but you feel overwhelmed by life’s demands. (And let’s face it life hasn’t turned out quite like you thought it would!)

You long to be a loving, grace-filled woman, but all the pressure to be the perfect Christian woman is leaving you depressed and defeated.

You long to feel close to God, yet you struggle to feel His presence.

You serve faithfully, but it doesn’t seem satisfactory.

You strive to live godly, however, you never feel good enough.

Like you, I’ve struggled with isolation. I know what it means to feel inadequate, completely overwhelmed, and yes – even far from God. But I’ve also experienced how taking just a few courageous steps can set your life on a new course toward living abundantly and embracing your life in Christ. More of my story below.


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My Story.

I was born in Surgoinsville, TN to a large, Bible-based family. Fun fact:  the 1984 film The River, starring Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek (who won an Oscar for her role) was partially filmed in my hometown. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you can imagine what life in a small town like Surgoinsville might be like.

Dad worked full-time as a quality control supervisor at a glass plant and was also a tobacco farmer. My early years were spent doing seasonal work alongside my four sisters and two brothers pulling plants, harvesting, and grading tobacco leaves. I learned early on that life has a rhythm, and that it’s vital to be aware of the season you are in.

Mom had her hands full raising seven kids, and she taught me to love God. Being a mom myself, I can see why she sensed such a need to cry out to the Lord!

My Six Year Crisis of Faith.

Have you ever felt so embarrassed about a struggle that you never told anyone about it? Well, that was me.

Though God had always been the center of my family’s life, I struggled during my teens about my salvation. I couldn’t tell you how many times I got baptized during those six years!

It wasn’t that I was living wild or anything; looking back my worries could have been put to rest had I just spoken up. But it seemed so basic that I was scared to tell anyone. Instead, I kept silent.

That all changed when my Dad passed away.

I was sixteen years old, and by this time Dad had quit his job and was volunteering with Rock of Ages prison ministry. Unexpectedly, he had a heart attack. It was absolutely devastating. Anyone that has lost a loved one knows that words can’t describe the depths of pain and hopelessness. Read More

This time, I didn’t keep silent.

I remember literally crying out to God, “I can’t do this anymore!” I broke down in tears. It was as if the weight of losing my father, having a crisis of faith, and wrestling with my salvation hit me all at once.

I finally understood the Scripture that says, “deep calls unto deep (Psalm 42:7).” Though I couldn’t verbalize my pain, the Lord graced me at that moment. For the first time, I quit leaning on my own strength and trusted Christ … alone.

Now, I wish I could tell you it all got better from there, but we both know that’s not how life works.

Mom was now a widow with several children to care for. She did what a momma had to do – she worked hard and reached out to people she knew, even when it was hard to ask for help. The struggle was real, but God supplied every day.

Maybe you’re in the same place today, raising a family by yourself and feeling at a loss for what to do. I tell you, sister – you are a hero, and there’s a special place in my heart for moms like you. I think there’s a special place in God’s heart, too. 

Growing Up Fast … Like Getting Married Fast!

As for the rest of us kids, we had to grow up – fast. Dad instilled a strong work ethic in all of us, and we needed it now more than ever. It was a tough season.

Stephen Caldwell was one of the locals who was conned into helping the “widow with a bunch of little kids.” Well, he soon realized that not all the kids (especially one of the girls) were so little!

Stephen was installing floors at the time; he had just finished serving in the army, quit drinking, and come back to the Lord. We dated for a year, got married, and started our life together.

Throughout the years, Stephen sensed a stronger desire to know God and serve Him more. We raised our children in a lovely country church where He was the pastor for ten years. Stephen has studied theology and pastoral ministry in a college setting for more than half of our marriage. He is presently attending The Masters Seminary studying for a Doctorate.

We’ve been married for sixteen years, and Stephen’s strong character and leadership continues to uphold and encourage my heart. We have four wild-at-heart sons and one infectiously energetic daughter. She’s a ray of light in our home. I am thankful because us girls have to stick together with all these boys around!

A woman’s life is marked by significant seasons:  adolescence, marriage, and motherhood. We need God and one another to adjust to these changes.

They say us girls are the glue that keeps our families together. But too often, we shrink back from speaking up or give at the complete expense of our own needs. Before long, we’re resigned to watching our dreams slip through the cracks of a busy life.

No matter how hard we try to “keep it together” we become unglued, and those we love, suffer because we aren’t living from a place of joy, strength, and health. It’s a vicious cycle.

My journey has led me to desperately cling to Christ and desire to know how to live the abundant life he offers. I speak, write, and counsel because I want to help you break this cycle and learn to trust Christ with your whole heart.