Hello, I am Mary Caldwell. I am a passionate Christ follower, a speaker, writer, and life coach. I help women who desire to live with purpose, but feel stuck, confused, and overwhelmed by life, sort through their believes and behaviors to achieve faith, passion, and purpose based on truth. So they can live an abundantly fulfilled life and honor God in all they do. I hope you enjoy your time here. Browse around, get involved and leave comments. I look forward to getting to know you, so be sure to sign up for my email newsletter, and stop back often!

You desire to accomplish big things for God. You want to be successful in your life, your marriage, your family, and your career.

You want to know that what you did in life really mattered!

I love that you have a heart for God and your family. Your desire is honorable. Do not put down the ambition God has placed in your heart. God can and will use you greatly. He has given you a story, and he wants you to passionately live out that story for Him.

Even amidst your good intentions you are still plagued with the idea of not being good enough? You feel stuck and worry that you may not have what it takes? You just want a clear plan, something that tells you what to do next. You secretly wonder if God is as trustworthy as he says?

I also fought with many of these same feelings. I struggled with wanting to be a woman of God and feeling like I was messed up. I was afraid God had abandoned me as a punishment for my mistakes. I felt like I would never be good enough. After struggling with God and false believes, I have reached a place where I am at peace with whom God has made me. Through my experience, God gave me the desire to help other women.

I am here to help you overcome those internal battles with truth from Gods word and give you a clear plan to lead you to reaching success in your life and your faith.

I will help you unveil truths about who you are and what God’s design is for you. I will help lead you to clarity of mind, where you can focus on what is most important to you.

I am passionate about your success! I believe God created you with a purpose. You can live your life with passion and find fulfillment. There is hope for tomorrow. That hope is in Christ, and it flows into every area of our life.

You do not have to stay discouraged and distant from God. You can find reach a faith based on truth and achieve a passion and purpose.


What you can expect from me

Faith. I will be writing and teaching about how faith affects your daily life.

Truth. I will bring out truths from God’s word, in practical ways that applies to your everyday life.

Application. I deliver real-world training on breaking internal barriers, and finding success within your God-given purpose.

Coaching. I provide life coaching to help you realize your voice and prepare you to face life effectively, with boldness and confidence.

Community. I want to provide a community where help abounds, ideas inspired, and changes made.


More About My Life


Bride of Christ. My passion is Christ. I long to follow him with abandon, releasing all restraint and surrendering to him completely. I hope to give all of me over to his control.

Wife. My husband, Stephen, and I have been married for 13 years. I love my husband whose strong character upholds and encourages my heart. I once told him I would follow him anywhere, and today we serve together in east Tennessee, where my husband is a pastor. It is here where we raise our four children, and where we continue to learn to love each other. Find my Husbands site here.

Mother. I am a  mother to four children, ages 11, 10, 8 and 1. I am absolutely crazy about my three wild at heart boys, who are ever so quickly looking like young men. My one and only beautiful and sweet, but strong- willed daughter, is a ray of light in our home. I expect God to make them fine adults, according to his plan.

Fellow Traveler. At the age of 23, I was a wife and a mother with three babies under the age of three and I found myself struggling through depression and hopelessness. I longed for something more than just surviving and I wondered, Did God make me this way just to tell me I had to be satisfied with less?

Education. I studied life coaching at Liberty University. I am currently enrolled at Liberty University, where I am majoring in Psychology and Christian Counseling. I have a passion for teaching women the Bible and basic life applications and I am passionate about women living fulfilled and abundant lives.