Sometimes Miracles Take Years, Not Minutes

We all long to see miracles. We want to see someone healed of cancer or radically changed for Christ. While I believe, both of these things take place, they are not everyday occurrences. Sometimes miracles take place over a period of years, not minutes.

Have you ever found yourself planning how God could take care of the situation? Deciding that he should just act and bring about miraculous healing. Have you ever felt the letdown, the discouragement, when He did not perform.

What if we are looking at the idea of a miracle all wrong?

What if most miracles are slow and occur over long periods of time?

Here are 3 things to remember if you are looking for a miracle.

  1. Look to God, not a miracle. I love the part of C.S. Lewis’s story The Chronicles of Narnia where Aslan is described as not being a tame lion. It reminds me of God and how He works. He does not fit a cookie cutter mold and perform the same way every time. When we pray for a miracle so often we are not trust God we are trusting in a miracle. A tame God who performs on request and does exactly as told. When you or a loved one needs healing, restoration, or release, remember to look to God first and not just to a miracle.
  2. Peace comes with trusting Christ. As good Christians, we know we are supposed to trust; however, we scurry around full of worry an anxiety. We talk about trust while holding tight to our problem. Peace of mind comes in releasing our grip and demands about how God should fix what’s going on and simply falling into Christ’s capable embrace. In trusting Christ alone, we can rest in peace despite what is going on around us.
  3. Celebrate the small changes. God often comes like a soft cool wind that floats through on a hot day and refreshes a tired soul. Look for those moments and rejoice in your great God. He knows where you are. He is there and will not forget your need. These small victories often lead up to the ultimate miracle for which you are waiting.


Let go of desiring a miracle and begin to desire God alone. In this trusting, the small miracles are made visible. So if you rest in Him you might just be surprised when the miracle you need just falls in your lap. When He sends the miracle, you will praise your good and holy God, who gives good gifts to His children, not praise the gift alone.


Question: When did God perform a miracle, big or small, that you know He did it just for you? Comment below.




I am a speaker, writer, and life coach that empowers women to reclaim influence, discover their voice, and achieve success in their life and ministry. I am also, a pastors wife and a mother and teacher to five spirited children. I love the quiet of the morning and good cup of coffee. I relish my alone time before the world awakes.

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