Four Truths To Help Any Dreamer

I am a first class dreamer. There is nothing I like better than a fresh idea, a clean sheet of paper, and a day of planning. I am not picky about what dreams I choose. I love them all. I like to think I can plan out any thought you could give me. I have planned out countless ideas, started several and quit most.

In all the dreaming and planning I reached a level where my dreams were not happening. The plans and ideas were not lasting or making the impact I truly believed they would. What was wrong? I could not follow through or I  stick with a dream long enough, it felt as if something was wrong with me. I must be messed up. Why do other people appear successful and I seem to fail?

When a dream dissolves, there is something in the heart of the dreamer that dies alongside of the dream. To the dreamer, it is the death of a friend. A companion that you nurtured, loved, and brought to life. It is a painful experience, to see the end of a dream.

I have loved and grieved many a dream.

Through all the ups and downs I have come to realize a few truths that help me understand myself and my dreams.

Here are 4 truths to help any dreamer.

  1. Not every dream is for you. Great ideas are a dime a dozen. They come from walking down the street or playing on Pinterest to long. Just because I can see the dream and plan it doesn’t mean it is for me. I had to realize that even if it is a great idea it may not be right for me or even what I want.
  2. Your worth is not based upon the success of your ideas. It is difficult to look back and see botched dreams and not feel like an absolute failure. I have had to acknowledge that my identity is not in my dreams and how successful they are. I am the same person I was yesterday even if one of my awesome ideas is a major flop.
  3. It is ok, to let go of a dream. As a professional dreamer, this is a tough point for me. Like, I said my dreams are my friends, I like to hang on to the dream, carrying around the guilt and shame in my pocket. This behavior is vicious. A dream that is heavy with guilt is a dream that will destroy you. It is suffocating to any good thing in your life. It holds you back from moving on and seeing the everyday joy that is all around you.
  4. Relax, and stay calm, your life is not over. So, you have realized your best idea is not for you. You have sufficiently let go of the guilt, now you can just breath. Your life is not over. You have not ended the story, it is a new chapter.

As a dreamer you have a unique gift, the ability to see a different future. You can look and see that your tomorrow does not have to be like your yesterday. Give up the past! Trust God with your future and take another step toward change!

Question: How have you dealt with the death of a dream? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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