Christ’s Beauty In A Broken Girl

There are days that are not good, yet they are not always bad. They are just days. Days where survival is all that is accomplished and in the end all that is possible.

We have all had those days.

We have all loathed those days, while sometimes secretly longing for them.

The days were hair goes unfixed and makeup is ignored.

Where children are dirty and fine china is paper plates.

Are they hard or are they rest?

Sometimes, it is hard to tell. I cannot decide.

In the midst of the mundane routine of life, with all of its love, joy, hurt and pain, I wonder if it is all a scheme to chase me to Christ.

Is my messy life here to show the beauty of Christ’s work, in a broken girl?

Question: How is Christ’s beauty revealed in your life? Comment below!

I am a speaker, writer, and life coach that empowers women to reclaim influence, discover their voice, and achieve success in their life and ministry. I am also, a pastors wife and a mother and teacher to five spirited children. I love the quiet of the morning and good cup of coffee. I relish my alone time before the world awakes.

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